A solution that transforms the way employees learn

Video Coach AI has demonstrated artificial intelligence at its best with a digital platform to drive and optimize coaching through intelligent and automated learning.

With this solution, CONSENSUS has ensured continuous sales and learning in larger organisations through times of a pandemic and beyond.

Winner of the Empowering Employees Microsoft Parter Award 2022

Flip the narrative

1. Practice Communication

Allow employees to practice communicating about offerings – and provide feedback.

2. Show the difference

Show the difference in selling physical and digital solution.

3. Coach departments

Coach departments between old physical machine product to software cloud solution

Use Video Coach AI to empower employees

ahead of sales meetings,

and increase probability of sales and new customer win!

Inspire and motivate your sales force to deliver high quality sales pitches!

Cut training time in half and improve completion rates.

Support 40+ different languages and locales.

Create real-time data driven measurenments to score and certify sales representative across all lines of business

Full intergration with Microsoft Cognitive Services

Identify gaps of learning in the human cognition and fast-track sales readiness

Learn how CONSENSUS managed to help Novo Nordisk to enable areas, regions and districts
– through a pandemic – to continue sales powered by intelligent AI Video Coaching.

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