Video Coach (AI)

Video Coach AI has demonstrated artificial intelligence at its best with a digital platform to drive and optimize coaching through intelligent and automated learning.

With this solution, CONSENSUS has ensured continuous sales and learning in larger organisations through times of a pandemic and beyond.

Augmented Reality

We add a new, playful element to learning with our Augmented Reality (AR) technology. With AR, you can create on-demand immersive learning experiences where only the sky is the limit. This exciting, self-driven engagement can be used across meeting spaces and virtually from everyone’s home.

The CONSENSUS AR Scanner works as a stand-alone product with a corresponding Content Management System (CMS) and integration to the CONSENSUS CONNECT platform for real time data and points transfer.

E-learning & LCMS

Our e-learning system can be used as a standalone e-learning tool or together with other CONSENSUS CONNECT modules.

The underlying Learning Content Management System (LCMS) allows you to directly create and update content and build custom learning pathways to the end-users.

The e-learning system offers real-time data tracking and reporting including user completion and performance.

Meetings & Events

We take pride in our series of tools and features to support fully customisable meeting solutions that are designed with a specific meaning and purpose in mind.

The interactive meeting tools is supplemented by livestreaming to video chats functionality to support fully interactive virtual meetings.

The meeting application is a modular experience, meaning that it can be customised according to different budgets & needs.